FORINER October Conference (11th-12th October, 2016)


The FORINER project aims to address the educational needs of Foreign National Prisoners (FNPs) across Europe.

This October, a pan-European conference was held which aimed to facilitate collaboration between pilot partners, consisting of various Subject Matter Experts from a range of European organisations involved in prison education.

The conference supported the formation of a cross-border network between individuals and organisations in order to exchange educational material across Europe.

This was achieved using the attending European delegates to explore and assess the possibilities and practicalities of distance education to FNPs.

The success of the conference allowed the initiation of ‘pilot projects’ involving pilot partners who expressed interest in sending and receiving educational content. This was further facilitated using a small group of ICT engineers who were able to produce a small scale prototype demonstrating how materials could be easily collaboratively collated and shared.

A range of presentations were delivered from all core partner representatives. These provided all the participants with an invaluable opportunity to initiate discussions and plan the workshop sessions for the following day.