About MegaNexus

The Team Dr. Daniel Brown | Matt Dreisin | John-Warwick Taylor

MegaNexus is the market leader in secure data partnership systems, providing a specialist web services custodial education platform which allows learners to carry out a range of activities in education, training and employment whilst in custody. These include access to courses, resources, informational advice and guidance as well as interactive resources specifically for people in a prison environment. Learners can be referred to other advisors and third sector support organisations in order to assist their journey from custody to community.

Underpinning this, the MegaNexus platform incorporates a comprehensive secure case management system which allows case managers to plan and monitor progress with offender learners and refer if needed to other multi disciplinary support providers.

Established in 2003 through an initiative at University College London, MegaNexus is an SME of 50 employees. It is the major provider of IL3 software for education software within the UK custodial environment and provides thought leadership in the Justice Education sector.

Involvement with Foriner

MegaNexus will provide guidance in the experience of implementation, rollout and management of a secure learning platform in custody and support on the security issues involved in setting up of the ICT structure for management of transnational information and educational materials to inmates in different countries. In addition MegaNexus will coordinate the London conference and management of the project website.